Gas Oven Question (4x4x8)

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Gas Oven Question (4x4x8)

Post by netdude » Wed Dec 11, 2019 8:51 pm

I had been planning on building oven for past 1.5 years and finally got around to it. I had talked with my father in law last year and he built one with 6 inch stud walls and electric. But we came across the info on running gas and with electricity costs being outrageous (I'm in California) I decided to just go gas.

I got kit from Aubur for gas (new kit for them). We used 4 inch studs from home depot, R13 insulation all around, 20 gauge walls and floor but floor has extra piece of 14 gauge under galvanized to handle walking on.

I bought Mr Heater 125K to 175K heater and a electric solenoid to turn gas on/off. When I got heater and took off cover, i discovered it already had electric solenoid and all I had to do was turn on/off with 110v switch via Auber box.

My initial test went well, heated up oven from 50 to 400 deg F in 3.5 minutes. Found some leaks and hot spots. The door wasn't sealing well so had to improve latches to seal better and we high temp siliconed all the interior seems. Now it doesn't leak much it seems. Second test it heated from 50 to 400 in 2 min 25 seconds. Can't complain about that!

The issue I'm having is it hits 400 and stops. Thermometer continues to rise and it hits about 410 or so and then starts dropping after 30 seconds or so. When it hits 399 in kicks back on. But with the heater going on with just 110, it turns on fan in heater first which is initially pushing cold air. 10 seconds or so it then fires propane. The thermometer drops down to 380 or so before it catches up and starts climbing again and starts the process over again.

My father in law converted his to gas and used a 75K to 125K heater. He had to add electric solenoid to his and he wired so the fan and propane fire at same time. So my question is should I rewire the heater to try to do this? Or is there any other suggestions for this setup?

Any advice/suggestions much appreciated!
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Re: Gas Oven Question (4x4x8)

Post by rassbot » Wed Jan 15, 2020 12:50 am

I'm a newb and came across your post. I hope you got your issue resolved.
I am in Cali also (Los Angeles) so I definitely know how you feel.
I just started myself and would like to go Gas on an oven as well eventually.
Great post and hope you are rocking and rolling.

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