Power Oven with Portable Generator

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Power Oven with Portable Generator

Post by Samcwach » Mon Nov 23, 2020 7:12 pm

So I am 75% done building my oven. I just have to wire up the control box, hang the door, and finish insulating/sheeting the outside. I want to do all the wiring before anything else. Its 3.5x4.5x6.5ft, uses 4 elements at 3500 watts a piece. So that's 14k watts. It has two lights and a 120v dayton blower. I have a good sized space but no 220/240v service. I have found a few generators... the biggest one I can seem to find that isnt diesel is a 17,500 watt portable generator. It has a bunch of outlets including 240v. Only thing is that it only has a 50amp breaker. I'm using two 40 amp ssrs, going to be wired on a receptacle. I'm wondering if anyone has done this before. This place is cheap, and I would save money investing in a generator instead of paying 12-1500 a month for a place with 240v service. Thanks guys. I'll be happy to answer any other questions!

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Re: Power Oven with Portable Generator

Post by stummel78 » Thu Nov 26, 2020 2:17 am

Good morning,

I am from Germany and I will try to answer....we have here 230V on a single phase....but nearly every house has 3 Phase...3x230V...or connected 400V...

The Generator should have a 400V-3phase connection...17.5kVA...on every phase approx. 5.835kVA...connect 1 phase with 1 heating element....in Germany the phases are black/black/black or grey/black/Brown-coloured wires...N is blue...you have to connect with all 3 phases (like - in the cars) :-)

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