Imperfections in Ink Black Powder HELP

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Imperfections in Ink Black Powder HELP

Post by Pascopowdercoating » Wed Jul 03, 2019 12:44 pm

Looking for some insight- started coating around a year ago and recently switched to prismatic powders "ink black" due to every other gloss black I use on large surface areas having "trash" in the finish. I Just sprayed this front bumper yesterday with the ink black and when I pulled out of oven I noticed a bunch of what looks to be pinholing in various areas of bumper. Wanting to know if this looks to be caused from outgassing or material of bumper? Bumper was raw when received, I outgassed but may have not done long enough... Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!Image

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Re: Imperfections in Ink Black Powder HELP

Post by duke46 » Thu Jul 04, 2019 9:17 am

With not seeing a picture then all I can do is kind of guess as to what it did.
I had bought some new gloss Bengal black from a coater that had ordered way more than he needed and when I used it came out looking like what I think you are describing? He was having the same problem I found out. We were curing at 400 like it called for so I tried curing at 380 and it came out fine. I just cured it for 15 min and not the normal 10.
It had to be in the makeup of the powder because I had never seen anyone else say they had a problem. He was supposed to contact Tiger and ask them but sad to say he never took the time to make that simple call :(
I would guess you are using an IR gun? So give the 380 or even 375 a try and see if that helps.

You have not said what you did to the bumper and what type of prep you did except for your outgassing that may and may not have been needed but one never knows and some new metal may have some type of protection on it? I use a metal wash that I mix with water and just spray it on after blasting that I buy from Eastwood and it has always done a great job of cleaning. I just spray it on and then blow it off and make sure it is good and dry and then I coat. It also help with flash rust depending on where it is kept if I can't get to it fast enough.
Humidity could also play a part being you living in FL?

Best of luck and have a great 4th :D
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