Coating Harley Type Jugs & Heads

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Coating Harley Type Jugs & Heads

Post by duke46 » Wed Mar 13, 2019 2:56 pm

Old 90's Gema systems guys if there are any that have used them? Or just maybe any unit?

It is a good old unit but it and Faraday areas are not its cup of tea or just could be my settings maybe?

I have a customer that wants his Harley Heads coated in a wrinkle and I have only coated one old iron head that I heated up and a couple of the older rocker boxes but never tried the Gema.

What would be a good setting for me to try so I can get powder into the fins?

I did watch on video and the guy was using maybe low-end unit and he was very close to the fins and it seemed to be doing the job really well. That tells me he had the KV's low and air turned down so it that the secret for doing them?
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