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Air Compressor advice

Post by Qutesh » Wed Dec 19, 2018 8:15 am

I am in the stages of gathering equipment and more importantly information so I can get the ground running with a small shop powder coating operation.

I got my hands on the Eastwood start up kit including a beginners guide, which I have found pretty unsatisfactory... For example, including a detailed description on curing including specifically telling you to ""shut the oven door and don't open it too often because it lets heat out""... No kidding. Yet it vaguely brushes over grounding a part or operating your compressor equipment etc...

I had not read through all chapters when I went out to pick up a decent compressor, and the best description for what to get in the section on getting a compressor, simply states, get the highest CFM you can get for your money, only to later explain that you should get something with NO LESS than 7CFM @ 90 PSI if you plan to operate a blast cab, or other blasting tools.

Anyway, i hadn't read that yet and picked up ""the best for my money"" compressor at Lowes, a 30 Gallon Kobalt delivering 5.3 CFM @ 90 PSI ... ompressor/.

My main quesiton; Will this compressor have sufficient capacity to operate a blaster once I add that to my shop?

Is it even a decent compressor or should I return it and grab something better in the $400 price range?
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Re: Air Compressor advice

Post by Crip75 » Wed Dec 19, 2018 2:51 pm

That will work, BUT, the air reclaim time will sorely affect the speed at which you will be able to blast continuosly. More CFMs the better.
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Re: Air Compressor advice

Post by red717 » Thu Dec 20, 2018 12:06 am

That isn't much air to be trying to media blast with. If you're going to be doing Yeti cups it might work. But if you try and do a wheel you're in for a very frustrating long day. To get a decent compressor you'll have to double you're budget. 5cfm with a 30 gal tank won't do it for you. If I needed a compressor on a budget I'd buy the one of the two that Harbor Freight has on sale for $799. 5 hp, 60 gal tank 15cfm. I'd wait if I had to save up a little more. You will be able to recoup that extra money with a couple jobs. Have you got 240V in you're shop? You're also going to need hoses, regulators, air dryers fittings etc.

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