Issue with new EZ50

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Re: Issue with new EZ50

Post by Motoguy » Sat May 13, 2017 1:05 pm

SCOTTRODS wrote:Drop the grounds off your hanging rod(gun ground clamp to hanging rod is not particularly necessary) and use only the ground rod ground to the part... whatever the means... it has been seen that , at times, there have been folks find other items grounded to their grounding rod can add interference from whatever is added... I recommend using the "dedicated grounding rod" specifically for grounding parts only. Anything else that needs a ground ( in the lower grade guns for sure) use building system ground, isolated from your part. You could add a separate grounding rod ( far away from your existing rod) for electrical system grounds.
I'll give that a shot. Easy enough to unclip them, and zip tie them up.

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