KCI Gun Feedback Anyone?

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KCI Gun Feedback Anyone?

Post by redlinecoatings » Sat Aug 02, 2014 12:02 pm

While I don't use a Parker I will still suggest you go with a box feed. You can shoot any amount of powder from it and clean up is just as or quicker than a hopper. If your oven is large enough for frames then having the option to shoot up to 55 lbs of powder is a good thing. If you ever get runs of parts all going the same color you just throw the box on and shoot, no worrying about always filling up the hopper. That's just my opinion anyway.


Re: KCI Gun Feedback Anyone?

Post by powderpainter » Sat Aug 02, 2014 12:31 pm

MatadorMkV wrote:Dear Mr. Powderpainter,
I would have liked to PM you, but I'm not able to...probably because I'm a new member with only one post...lol

Anyway, getting ready to take the plunge on a Parker unit within the next few days. I'm torn between so many things...and realize that I only know what I've heard/read other people say.

I think I want the 2L hopper because most of what I will do will be small...the largest being a motorcycle frame. I know you like the box feed, but guys say that if you're only shooting a small amount of powder, a box feed may not be the best choice. I was also told that the large hopper doesn't do well with very small amounts of powder.

I also thought about the vibrating cup stand, but I've heard people say that it may actually PACK the powder more rather than keep it flowing.

I was told that a hopper tends to help with powder that may have some moisture in it?

The other huge decision is whether to go with the 7500 or the 8500. I kind of like the analog set up on the 7500. Something about it seems less complicated to me and I think I'd like the "feel" of turning a dial rather than pushing buttons. I guess a lot of people do the digital thing though since the Gema and Wagner both seem to operate that way. I know that the 8500 has the pulse power 2, but I wonder if it's really that much better...or if the 7500 is that much worse?

I wonder if the 7500 is perhaps more proven being that it's probably been a around a while.

Well, hope this all didn't sound too scattered.

Just like redline said. Get the box feed model and all those worries and concerns you may have will go out the window the first time you have a multiple color job and color changes only take a minute. And resale of the unit will be easier if it comes to that.

Just off a visual glance at the new parker ionics (8500 line )
they seem to have taken everyone of my complaints and put it in the new line.

http://www.parkerionics.com/blog/gx7500 ... y-pricing/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

They Got rid of the heavy stainless pickup tube with what I would call daggers at the bottom if you used them they just would poke holes in the bag so I never used them , newer lighter gun , angled plate to put the box on , digital interface is nice because those old analog style are not very accurate or should say have a tendency to move or adjust ,and digital is just easier to train people .
If I were in the market for a NEW gun it would be parker or gema and it would definitely be a box fed model, The New Nordsons are like old Gemas.

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Re: KCI Gun Feedback Anyone?

Post by rbroker » Sat Aug 02, 2014 1:01 pm

I have a Parker gun. I love it. Yes they have expensive parts, but honestly I've owned it for two years and nothing has broken. Things break when rum dumbs in your shop treat your equipment like garbage. Cause hey they don't have to buy it if it breaks.

I'll be testing there new digital line in November.
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Re: KCI Gun Feedback Anyone?

Post by MatadorMkV » Sun Aug 03, 2014 2:00 am

So if you purchase let's say three pounds of a certain color...Can you do it with a box feed unit?


Re: KCI Gun Feedback Anyone?

Post by powderpainter » Sun Aug 03, 2014 2:24 am

MatadorMkV wrote:So if you purchase let's say three pounds of a certain color...Can you do it with a box feed unit?
The answer is yes even if you order just a Dixie cup worth of powder. But an pound is usually fine also.

You'd be surprised at what an lb of powder can get done once you know what your doing.

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Re: KCI Gun Feedback Anyone?

Post by EdsPowder » Thu Jan 31, 2019 5:32 am

I've heard that KCI guns have an issue with their power purge/clean function. They work fine for a few months and then fail. The fix is simple, you remove two screws and replace the plugin circuit board behind the button but they want you to send them the entire unit back at your expense to replace it!

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