New guy and equipment questions

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Re: New guy and equipment questions

Post by Bearwen » Thu Dec 12, 2019 12:24 am

I did look at the colo’s and I spoke with a rep from China.
They were very nice I just used there website and asked for a quote they got back with me in one day but the price was $900 plus $300 shipping from China. That maybe a good price especially for a small startup at this point for me it’s to much I’m just doing it for my own stuff and perhaps in the future offer it for profit. The ez50 after seeing some videos I am convinced will be a good place to start. A little better than the Eastwood’s and capable of being used in a production shop for small jobs.

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Re: New guy and equipment questions

Post by duke46 » Thu Dec 12, 2019 9:11 am

The 1st set of wheels I did was with a cup gun that is like the EZ50 and I do use that gun for motorcycle and smaller rims but a good friend sold me his old Gema with a hopper and that is what I use for auto wheels now.
The old Gema does better if I lay the auto wheel down and then coat and once I am happy I will then hang it and coat the rear and that will take care of an Faraday areas that didn't coat all that well while it was laying down and then I finish by coating the mounting area and done.
With using the larger more pro set ups that have a hopper or a box feed one then you can get a good cloud for handling items like auto wheels.
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