Back in the saddle (almost)

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Back in the saddle (almost)

Post by fochie » Thu May 31, 2018 7:09 pm

Hi Folks,

Been following the forum for a few years. Thanks to everyone for all the knowledge gained. We started a small hobby "business" on the side with my son about 5 yrs ago (mainly parts for our bikes and friends/family). Took some time off to move from Austin to Arizona and since I'm retiring next month finally got things up and running again in the last few weeks.

Originally bought a very nice used Quincy Labs oven in Garland TX to get started when we were in Austin (if I had realized at the time that ScottRods was from there I would have offered to buy him lunch and a beer ;-) .... have come close to pulling the trigger on upgrading to a Ted's oven a few times but the shipping charge from PA kept stopping me (I know, it's only money) ...
anyway we'll be in Dallas all next week and driving a 16 ft Penske back home to AZ on 06/09/18 (with some room left over) so on the off chance anyone knows of a decent Ted's oven that someone's looking to part with in the Dallas area I may be interested :-)

Still shooting with a Nitro Faze cup gun that I've had great luck with so far. Started a website sometime ago as well with some pics of our work and "in process" videos, etc. - ... it's a start and still needs some attention.

Given that, just wanted to say hey again and looking forward again to gaining/sharing any and all powdercoating related knowledge/stories.


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Re: Back in the saddle (almost)

Post by duke46 » Sat Jun 02, 2018 8:01 am

Welcome to the forum. Nice looking site you have. Keep up the good work.
Best of luck on finding a larger oven.

If you find an oven that you are in doubt about then ask and maybe someone will have some info on it? Most of the ovens I have seen posted are from guys in the north but one never knows.
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