Greetings from the Gulf Coast

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Greetings from the Gulf Coast

Post by GregDailey » Tue Apr 25, 2017 8:04 am

Hey everyone,

So like pretty much everyone here I felt a need to start powder coating. I live on the Gulf Coast (outside of New Orleans) and all the powder coating companies are big operations. I work for a local Harley Davidson dealership and I have noticed in the past few months that when I have customers bring parts to these places if they don't have enough parts to fire up there big ass fourteen foot ovens they sit and have to wait. Well I am going to do small work for them and if I make a little extra on the side well hey. So I have been reading a lot and I know the level of products out there and even know it's not a pro setup I've decided to purchase from Eastwood. And I know a lot of people have there option about it and I would like to here it. I am not doing much right now, maybe a couple of parts every week and see what happens. So hit me up and let me know, if there is something better out there for a similar price let me know. I do get deals on equipment working for Harley so that is one reason. Hope to meet and learn from everybody and see where it takes me.

Greg D.

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Re: Greetings from the Gulf Coast

Post by Nitrous opi » Sat Jan 20, 2018 4:15 pm

I like your thinking Greg. I work for one of those companies that won’t fire based on costs. I get it from both sides perspectives and that’s why we need people like you. But that Eastwood.... find a Gema optiflex used. If the intent is going to be here and there work then Eastwood will keep your buddies happy. But if you truly want to do more and bigger. Gema. I know I know. The price. Long term thinking and good contacts with local manufacturers will take care of that tho. I have two (I’ve had one fail after 8 years of commercial use and was only the gun that failed) of these machines in my batch facility and a larger Gema going in for my line system. They are the only way I’ll go for consistency and quality. It’s up to you tho.

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