which gun to buy

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which gun to buy

Post by crxnug » Fri Dec 08, 2017 5:06 pm

Hi,Im new to the forums and hoping someone can help me , Im looking to buy a professional powder coating gun, it will be used for automotive parts (Small to car and bike frames), so im wouldnt be doing large commercial items, im looking for the best gun for this application, any help would be much appreciated

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Re: which gun to buy

Post by duke46 » Sun Dec 10, 2017 8:56 am

There re a lot of great pro units on the market to pick from. It all depends on how deep your pockets are? The Gema units are very well liked and some like the Wagner but we are talking $$$$.
How long have you been coating and what have you been using?

Your question has been ask many times on here and a lot of good answers and advice has been given. You need to look around for some of the post and with any luck you may find the info you are wanting.
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Re: which gun to buy

Post by ZX10 » Sun Dec 10, 2017 4:02 pm

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